Artist of the Week: Chris Wallace

Genre: Pop


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Location: Gary, Indiana

Bio: Chris Wallace is the former frontman of The White Tie Affair, and is now leading the way on his recent solo career. He released his first single off his new album, “Remember When (Push Rewind),” which is proving to be a bigger hit than anything he’s ever put out before. His first album is set to come out in summer of 2012, but is still yet to be released.

Why he is the artist of the week: I’m beginning to think that 2012 is the year of the solo career. Not that long ago William Beckett ventured out on is own, and now, I’m more than excited to see what Chris Wallace comes out with next. I was a fan of The White Tie Affair growing up, and Chris Wallace’s solo career seems to be a spin-off of his former band, but with a fresh spin and new outlook.

Check out his music:

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