Exclusive Interview with Shiri Appleby at the ATX Festival

Shiri Appleby is most famously known for her roles as Liz Parker on ‘Roswell’ and Cate Cassidy on ‘Life Unexpected’. Most recently Shiri portrayed Lucy in Alloy’s webseries ‘Dating Rules from My Future Self’. She is currently directing the second season of ‘Dating Rules’ and can be seen on the new season of TNT’s ‘Franklin & Bash’. Shiri, along with other ‘Life Unexpected’ cast members, attended the inaugural ATX festival this past weekend in Austin, Texas. Honest Reviews Corner had the pleasure of interviewing Shiri while at ATX. Read our interview with Shiri below.

Your mother was born in Israel, have you ever been?

“I have. I’ve been four times. I really love it, it’s special. The beaches are really beautiful and the north is gorgeous.”

Do you have a favorite role that you have done so far?

“They are all really special, but I guess I would pick ‘Roswell’, just because it was the first really big one. ‘Life Unexpected’ was another really great experience. I also really enjoyed Charlie Wilson’s War” because I got to work with some really great actors.”

Speaking of ‘Roswell’, are you surprised that there are still so many passionate fans?

“Yeah, I mean it was one of those smaller shows that has a really passionate fan base. It feels really special that ten years later people are still talking to me about it.”

How did you get involved with ‘Dating Rules’?

“Alloy came to me and asked me if I would do it. I’ve been wanting to produce, so they made me a producer on the show. They let me really be as creative in the process as I wanted to be. It’s wonderful.”

Are there going to be more episodes?

“We are doing a second season. We start tomorrow. I’m actually directing it this time, it’s going to be a different cast and a different story.”

How is filming ‘Dating Rules’ different from other shows you’ve done?

“I think the only difference is that it is a smaller production, but it really wasn’t that much smaller. We were shooting more pages a day because we didn’t have as much money, but filming it was pretty similar to other shows. Liz Allen directed it, Sallie Patricks, who worked on ‘Life Unexpected’, wrote it and it had really high caliber actors. The only difference was where people could watch it.”

What do you think would have happened between you and Britt had ‘Life Unexpected’ had a third season?

“I think it would have probably turned into a kind of ‘Gilmore Girls’ type of relationship, where they were more like friends.”

Do you prefer working on TV shows, web series, or movies?

“Doing movies are really amazing, there are just not as many opportunities for them anymore because they aren’t making quite as many. It’s really just all about finding a good story. The format for where you watch it nowadays is becoming a little less of a critical element because you can get almost anything on the internet now.”

What are you currently working on?

“I’m going to start directing the second season of ‘Dating Rules’ tomorrow, and I am going to have a reoccurring role in the new season of ‘Franklin & Bash’ on TNT.”

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