'Bunheads': For Fanny 1.02 Recap

At the end of the pilot episode, we were left wondering what happened to Hubbell after his accident and with this episode we find out that he did, indeed, die. Most of the episode is centered around Fanny (with the help of Truly) setting up a memorial for Hubbell and how the characters are dealing with the loss. At one point, while Fanny, Truly, and Michelle were all at the house, Truly began to freak out about everything and ended up turning to Michelle and said “I blame you!” This three-word sentence really shook Michelle and she responded to Truly saying that she blamed herself for the accident, too. That part really showed to me just how much she began to care for Hubbell in just the little bit of time that she really knew him. Just goes to show that you don’t have to really know someone for very long to start caring about them. Michelle found most of what Fanny was doing to be insane and unneeded as she was inviting almost 500 people, inviting the Dalai Lama, a sitar player, and many other unnecessary things.

While dealing with all of the problems that had been facing Fanny due to everything she thought she needed, she began to really flip out and take it all out on Michelle. Afterwards, Michelle decided to leave the house and walk around where she got lost and ended up going to some bar. When Michelle gets back to the house, she finds Fanny in a “16 hour meditative silence” and gets her to finally break down. Fanny finally tells Michelle that she doesn’t want her to do anything, ever, in terms of the memorial but also around the house and everything.

Sasha then finds Michelle and Fanny crying about everything and tells Michelle that they should do something for Fanny. The two of them get back to the dance studio to find everyone but the main girls have left. The girls get very sad because they went to a movie theater during school to watch a Mark Wahlberg movie and didn’t pay any attention to Fanny and really mourn with/for her. Michelle then gets the girls to rally together and call people they know to put something together.

As Fanny is calling everyone to tell them that the memorial has been postponed, Boo gets Fanny to go to the dance studio by telling her that a faucet won’t stop running. When Fanny gets to the studio, she finds it all decorated with a few people from the town inside and students from the studio on stage as a memorial for Hubbell. Michelle tells Fanny that she doesn’t know her, but sometimes you just have to do something, and that this dance is for her.

At the end of the memorial, the girls go to Michelle and ask her how the performance was and Michelle, with her quick wit, tells the girls that it was so good it “melted her cold, frozen tundra of a heart”. She also told the girls that she really thinks Fanny loved it. Sasha stayed behind to ask Michelle if she was leaving. At that point, she didn’t know. But everything is about to change for her.

Fanny introduces Michelle to one of Hubbell’s best friends, Jerry, as her daughter-in-law which is a huge step up for her. Everything is turned around though when Jerry tells Michelle and Fanny that Hubbell had his will changed and transferred to Michelle. The land and the house now belong to Michelle.

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