Band of the Week: Jocelyn

Genre: Pop-Rock

Location: Iowa City, IA


Bio: This pop-rock band consists of members: Landen Boyer, Alex Wiese,  and Steve Lydick. They are on a mission to connect with as many fans as possible. They recently released their first EP ‘To You and Yours’ which is available now in iTunes!

Why they are the band of the week: We are so happy to promote Jocelyn. They are the perfect example of why we continue to have a “band of the week”. Our requirements to fill this position are that you must be a band with heart and soul, and you must be making an effort to help your band go where you want to go! Through all of Jocelyn’s efforts, they found us. They were promoting their band through social media sites and ran into us. We appreciated their effort so much that they are our first band of the week in June!

Check out their music:


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