Passion Pit’s New Single: ‘Take a Walk'

Passion Pit, an eletro-pop band based out of Massachusetts, recently just released their new single Take a Walk from their upcoming album Gossamer (out July 23).

Although the single begins with their known poppy nature, a more serious and mellow tone is noticed as soon as Michael Angelakos belts the first lyrics:

All these kinds of places/Make it seem like it’s been ages/Tomorrow’s sun with buildings scrape the sky/I love this country dearly/I can feel the lighter clearly/But never thought I’d be alone to try

Although the single lacks the harsh feel of his voice that originally drew me to this band initially, the single still has that driving feel and has a pretty catchy chorus.

After taking a second listen, I knew for sure that although this single is much different than the stuff they’ve done before .. the new album looks very promising.

Take a listen for yourself!



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