Open Till Midnight – Stay on Me EP

On July 22nd 2011 New York’s: Open Till Midnight released their 7 song, rock “Stay on Me” EP; now they’re band of the week on our site 🙂

This album consists of great musical talent and vocals. It was mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, O.A.R, Neon Trees, Bloc Party etc.) and produced by Grammy Award winner Marc Swersky.

This album has more mellow tracks like the title track: Stay on Me, Home In a Bit and The Rain (Bonus Track). Along with the calmer songs “Stay on Me” has some up beat songs like:  The Missing Out, Pass it Around Again and Simply Don’t.

Each track has a special sound; like Pass it Around Again has that more retro-rock sound, while The Missing Out has the more current pop-rock feel.

People who like Open Till Midnight should also listen to artists like Darren Criss, Hot Chelle Rae, Jesse McCartney and even Simple Plan.
This wide array of interest shows how this band covers many different tastes!

This album deserves an 8 out of 10, it’s a really great arrange of songs, but it definitely isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. The band did a really good job with it so it still scores high in my book!

Go check it out, it’s on iTunes for $6.93




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