Mother's Day Interviews with Honest Reviews Corner

Mother’s Day gives everyone the chance to put everything aside and really thank their mom for doing everything they have done. This mothers day, Honest Reviews Corner would love to thank a few mom’s in particular who have gone above and beyond to support their children. Without these mom’s love and support, we wouldn’t have the bands and artists we know and love.

We were able to connect with a few mom’s who have made quite a difference in their children’s life and interview them so we can feature them here on our site

 Mama Jan

Jan smith is a vocalist, musician, song writer, producer and so much more. For over 20 years she has been a very influential figure in the music industry. She has worked with artists like Usher and Justin Bieber to name a few. Although she herself is not a mother, the artists she works with respect and look up to her so much that they would consider her a mother. Check out our interview with Jan Smith below.


How did you become involved in music/vocal business? 

“I started out in this industry AS an artist. I wrote my first song when I was 9 years old and cut my first record when I was 15.”

What has been your most rewarding moment working with a musician? 

“I guess for any musician, working in the studio or on stage in front of an audience is the most rewarding moments. But I have the additional honor of watching my clients perform successfully and know that I had something to do with thata directly.”

Your nickname is Mama Jan – where did that nickname originate? 

“It came out of some conversations back when first started working with Usher and the nickname just kinda stuck from there. It’s really kind of odd because there are a lot of people in the industry who don’t know me by anything else.”

What advice can you give to fans who look up to you? 

“I would just always want to encourage people to pursue doing something they love to do and to be the best at it they can be. That, and I believe that humility goes a LONG way and the truth works.”

Anyone whose seen “Never Say Never” knows that Justin considers you a mother-like figure. Do you have this type of maternal relationship with all of your artists?

“Maternal? No. Caring and honest guidance with encouragement? Yes.”

What are your plans for this Mother’s Day? 

“I will be spending this Mother’s Day with my own sweet Mother!!!!”

 Gina Jerzak

Gina Jerzak, a resident of La Crosse Wisconsin, is a mother to two kids Stephen and Lizzy. Earlier this year, we were given the opportunity to talk to her song; singer and songwriter Stephen Jerzak. It seems almost too perfect that we were able to talk to his mom as well! Check out our interview with her below and make sure you wish her a happy mother’s day on twitter @motherjerzak


Besides being a mom, what are your hobbies?

“I am a stained glass artist and I am also a part time hair stylist. I also love being a wife!”

Is there somewhere in the world you would love to visit? Why?

 I come from Italian heritage, so Italy for sure! I also would love to go to Brazil. Stephen has some pretty sweet fans in Brazil.”

 Proudest moment as a mom?

“When Stephen and Lizzy were born!”

Are you musically inclined/play any instruments?

“I can’t play any instruments. I can sing pretty well, but I cannot harmonize.”

 How many of Stephens’s concerts have you been to?

 “Stephen has been performing since he was 12 years old. With that said, I honestly can say there are too many to count.”

If you could say one thing to your children what would it be?

“I love you more!”

 Joan McDonough

Joan McDonough is the mother of Connor, Riley and Toby McDonough. Most of you may know Connor and Riley as one half of the popular boy band “Before You Exit”. We had the pleasure of meeting Joan while she was on tour with BYE this past winter in Chicago. Check out our interview with Joan below, and make sure you say hello to her next time you see her at a BYE concert!

How has your life changed since you became a BYE mom?

“My life has always been extremely busy with 3 boys.  The biggest change is going from baseball, soccer, and basketball games to gigs.”

What’s your favorite thing about going on tour with your kids?

“My favorite thing on tour has been meeting the fans .  It means so much to see the support they give the boys.”

Has all of BYE become part of your family?

“Absolutely!  We are one big  family.  The boys now have 3 moms and 3 dads.”

Besides being a mom, what other hobbies do you have?

“I actually have a full time job that allows me a lot of flexibility.  Aside from working and BYE, I love to work out and spend time with family.”

What is one of the best places you have ever traveled?

“Los Angeles and Chicago were two of my favorite places.”

What did you do before going on tour with your sons?

“Before touring, the boys were very active in sports.”

What are your plans for this Mother’s Day?

“For Mother’s Day, we are going to lunch with my mom.  We are fortunate that my parents live around the corner.  They are very supportive of the boys.”

Best gift you’ve gotten on Mother’s Day?

“When the boys were younger, they made me this platter with their hands as the leaves on the tree.  It is my favorite gift of all time.”

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