Greg Raposo – CD Review Loss Love Life

I’d say that about 85% of the time a former boy band member’s solo album is over produced and makes you feel like you are listening to a slightly older version of said boy band. However, former Dream Street member, Greg Raposo, falls into that remaining 15%. His latest album Loss Love Life, released in May of 2012, is full of upbeat, catchy songs that quickly grab your attention.

Now you might be thinking how upbeat and catchy is not a reproduction of his boy band days? Well I’ll tell you!

First off throughout the entire album you get the feeling of something genuine. He is speaking from his experiences and what he knows. You can tell in the first song off the album That Day that he truly cares about the experiences he is singing about. He is telling you that life is short and it doesn’t wait for you, don’t wait for the better day make today your better day. He also speaks from his heart in Waves. He slows it down for this track, giving it the feel as if you are in the middle of a thunder storm. He sings about how things can change at the drop of a hat, and about how things don’t always come at the time that you would like them to. He asks “Why do these waves keep crashing down, while I can’t stand”? With this lyric alone you can tell he has written about something that he has experienced, asking why things keep happening to him to knock him back down again.

Secondly, it’s in no way an over produced album. You can tell on each and every one of his tracks that it is his true voice. The slight rasp in his voice on the track Kimmy Kimmy gives you that feeling of hearing him live. It’s as if he is right there in your living room singing to you! In my opinion hearing the subtle imperfections in an artist’s voice is 10 million times better than having their voice be absolutely “perfect”.

And lastly, the music behind the lyrics is multi-dimensional. It isn’t one simple back beat throughout every single song. The keys on The Ditty add another layer to the track, deepening the take away from the song. And in the following track Who I Am the acoustic guitar gives you the feeling of understanding for what Greg is saying. For me it makes the song easier to connect to, more personal. It makes is so that you can put yourself into the shoes of the song, trying to find out who you are and where the old you went.

The upbeat, good feeling songs continue throughout the album with tracks including, Undeniable, Tell You More, Lease My Love, If I could, and Dancing On Water. Greg really hit it out of the park on this album. He mixes pop music with an acoustic guitar, creating an almost country-esque feel to some of his tracks, and a more pop-rock feel to others. Each song has something for you to take away and use in your everyday life.


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