Artist of the Week: Emii

Genre: Pop/Rock/R&B

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Bio: Emii is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. She was a member of the band Daydream on Autopilot, which helped her get the experience she needed to be the popular solo artist she currently is. She’s collaborated with Snoop Dogg, and had great success on her first single ‘Magic’ which reached #32 on the pop indicator charts!

Why she is the artist of the week: Emii beats by the beat of her own drum. With the perfect blend of pop, rock, and dance, her music is sure to get you up on to your feet. She has been a committed singer and songwriter ever since she was very young. In high school she was in the studio recording every moment she could. We love her passion and commitment to be the artist she is today. She stands as a great example for any artist trying to make it big today.

Check out her music:



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