'The Secret Circle' Episode 1.20 "Traitor" Recap. Who Is The Witch Traitor?


‘The Secret Circle’ is just getting better and better! I never thought anything could top last night’s big reveal, but boy was I wrong!

This episode starts off at Jane’s wake. Tons of people Cassie barely even knows telling her how wonderful her grandmother was. All Cassie seems to be worried about right now is if Diana has come out to the circle yet about being John Blackwell’s daughter.

Cassie kissing Adam

First of all: Diana is in COMPLETE denial. Cassie continues to tell Diana how happy she would be if it was true, and she really was her sister. (AWE!) But then Diana completely blows her off because she did not want to hear that. Then, Jake busts through the door being WAY too mad about the “witch hunters” killing Jane. Cassie goes upstairs to have some alone time- this lasts about three whole seconds, before Adam enters the room. He tells her how amazing Jane was, and Cassie returns with her true feelings. “What hurts the most about losing my grandmother, is that she is the only thing she had left of her mom. And now there is no one left alive that knows me.” By that she means the pre-dark magic Cassie. Adam says a mess of nice things, so naturally, Cassie kisses him. Then OF COURSE here comes John to break up the party. Adam leaves the room, but John and Cassie remain. They have obviously discussed Diana being his daughter the night before, because John is in defensive mode about loving Amelia and her with all his heart. His small, cold, black heart. Jane dying actually worked in his favor because now more than ever, Cassie is ready to eradicate the witch hunters.

Faye notices a bottle of pills in her mother’s purse, and she gathers they must be Dawn’s pick-me-up. That would explain her up and down moods. (Or would it?) She decides her and Jake need it right about now, so Faye creates a diversion while Jake sneaks them out of her purse.

Back at Diana’s house, it’s about time her and Charles have a talk. Diana eases into it, because Charles obviously didn’t know about John Blackwell fathering Diana, but when Diana realizes it’s the truth, she is distraught. Charles immediately jumps into defensive mode with “I was there when you were born. I raised you, You are MY daughter.” (By the way- HUGE props to Gale Harold in this scene. He is kicking so much butt.)

At the witch house, Cassie apologizes to Adam (again) for kissing him, where he (again) reassures her it’s okay. John intercepts (again).

I think if Cassie were to kiss Jake, John would actually applaud!

At Jake’s house, things are getting hot and heavy while Faye and Jake do their own kind of grieving. (Hey, don’t judge. Everyone grieves in different ways!) Right before anything too hot happens, Faye decides to take one of Dawn’s happy pills. Imagine her surprise when there are no pills in the bottle, only her family’s crystal! The hurry back to the abandoned house and Faye announces that they found the Chamberlain crystal- but it’s dead. John reassures them he knows a spell to recharge it, but he would need the whole circle to do so. Now all that is left to find is Adam’s family crystal.

At Diana’ house, she’s moping and ignoring the door, phone calls, and texts. Cassie shows up to talk, and Diana ssys one of the many more to come “Blackwell can’t be trusted” comments.

Melissa and Adam arrive at the boathouse to start searching for the crystal, and they end up having a heart to heart about Adam’s feelings for Cassie. When Adam was talking about the elixir to make them forget their feelings, was I the only one thinking the elixir was not working so great anymore? Anyway, Melissa and Adam are taking a page out of the Damon Salvatore handbook, and now they are day-drinking.

Back at the witch house, Diana breaks the news to Jake and a VERY unhappy Faye that she is Blackwell’s daughter, and this brings us to snide comment number two: “and this is a guy were supposed to be trusting to save us from the witch hunters?” Immediately after that the table starts spinning, and the crystal sinks into it.

Jake, Cassie, Diana, and Faye try to figure out who stole the crystal, and Jake mentions Issac may know who the traitor witch is. -Insert hateful comment number three from Diana about John Blackwell-

At Diana’s house, Charles finds a note from Diana that says she’s with Cassie, so he decides to call John so they can have a man-to-man talk.

At the boathouse, Adam and Melissa are still discussing his feelings for Cassie (They’re a little drunker this time) and how Adam doesn’t want things to go back to normal with Cassie, because one member of the circle could…there’s a coin on the wall! Adam remembers his grandfather playing disappearing tricks with that same coin. He grabs the coin and tries to remember how his grandpa did it– and wa lah! The coin was cloaked! Now the question is how did he uncloak it?

Cassie, Faye, Diana, and Jake go to the woods to meet Issac, but who shows up instead? Ian.

At a random coffee shop, Charles comes to confront John about everything. When John immediately states that he “never planned on telling her, she figured it out on her own. Were in a public place Charles. What are you going to do? Hit me?” As a matter of fact, Yes. That’s exactly what he did. He kicked him once too. Charles then decides he’s taking Diana away from Chance Harbor for good and he’ll never see him again.

Back at the Chamberlain residence, Dawn FINALLY realizes the crystal/pill bottle is missing from her purse.

In the woods, Jake and Ian commence in small talk, before he breaks the news to Jake that Issac is dead. Eben killed him. Cassie jumps WAY ahead of herself and accuses him of killing Jane. She lets her darkness take over and starts choking Ian. Jake tries to stop her, but she pushes him away. Diana intercepts and says STOP. Cassie stops immediately.

While Diana lectures Cassie on dark magic (because she’s an expert now of course), Jake continues to interrogate Ian. Ian does not know the identity of the witch traitor, but Jake gathersthat whoever he was he was working alone, so they could just track the crystal. (Why couldn’t they do that in the first place?) Here is where Diana makes her FOURTH “Dark magic is so bad, I am so good” argument.

Back at the witch house, Diana for the FIFTH time lets everyone know how bad Cassie is and how wholesome she is. They are tracking the crystal, and oddly, Faye and Jake seem to know exactly where it is.

At the boathouse Melissa and Adam are STILL trying to uncloak the coin. (Give them a break, they are a little buzzed after all). Adam suddenly has a good idea about how to figure out what it says. As it turns out, the words on the coin ARE the uncloaking spell. After the coin is uncloacked, Adam realizes that it wasn’t the only thing that was uncloaked. There was a hidden compartment in the wall!

Back at Dawn’s, Blackwell shows up and we immediately realize Royce wasn’t so crazy after all. John WAS trying to have as many of his children in the circle as possible. We know this since he & Dawn tried to conceive and it never happened for them. John asks Dawn to talk to Charles and keep him and Diana in Chance Harbor, and in return he will get her powers back.

Melissa and Adam still don’t find the crystal in the hidden wall compartment but now that it’s uncloaked, they could use the map to track and locate it.

Jake, Cassie, Faye, and Diana track the crystal to a run down carnival, and they split up to cover more ground. Jake and Faye reminisce about their date there two years earlier.

Dawn show’s up at Charles house to manipulate him into staying in Chance Harbor. In the middle of all her BS she does make a valid point. No matter where he takes Diana, the circle is still bound. They are all still connected.

Dead witch hunters

At the carnival, Faye and Jake discover a ride full of dead witch hunters. Jake also spots blood and suggests they follow the trail.

Adam and Melissa find the location to the last crystal; it’s in the high school.

Jake and Faye find where the traitor witch has been hiding out. With some of his things, they found a picture of Jake’s parents! What and Why are two questions I yelled out loud!

Meanwhile Cassie and Diana are still bickering. Diana, being judgey as ever, laying down her SIXTH “It’s John Blackwell’s fault” comment. After this, Cassie finally gets tired of it and stands up to Diana (FINALLY).

HEY! It’s the witch traitor! Diana and Cassie are in full pursuit. They catch him and we find out the witch traitor is NICK.



  • I thought Nick was dead?
  • Are Faye and Jake getting back together? If they do, is their ship name ‘Fake’?
  • Did Adam and Melissa retrieve the crystal from the high school?

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