'The Vampire Diaries': Recap of Episode 3.18 "Murder of One"

For me, watching TVD lately is like watching an intense, fast-paced game of multiplayer chess.  There are so many angles that have me hooked, so many different personalities to contend with (or drool over!), and so many different story-lines playing out at the same time.

In a secret meeting in the woods, Damon, Stefan, Matt, Elena, and Caroline meet to discuss several ways to kill the five original vampires using the White Oak stakes.  Thanks to their mother-of-the-year, Esther, a spell has the five originals linked.  Kill one and they kill them all, right?  Knowing how Klaus is always one-step ahead of everyone, I had my doubts, but I thoroughly enjoyed the scene in the woods where the fabulous five act out their “kill” scenarios.  Classic.

Rebekah torturing Damon

Enter Rebekah.  Angry.  Scorned.  Out for revenge.  Poor  Damon.  He’s seriously had his ass kicked a lot this last season.  Cut the guy some slack.  She kidnaps him, hangs him up,  slices and dices him, and threatens to bleed him of vervain so that she can compel him.  That is one angry chick.

Stefan and Elena disagree on how to proceed after Damon’s kidnapping.  No surprise here though. Season 3 has consisted mostly of conflict and indifference between them.  In the end, they pull together and kill Finn.  Imagine Stefan’s frustration when he’s told that Klaus was able to have the spell lifted moments before they killed Finn.  One original vampire down, four to go.

Finn and Sage

Poor Finn.  Even though he was weird looking, suicidal, and creepy, I had to feel sorry for him.  After spending 900 years in a coffin and finally being reunited with his beloved Sage, they stake him.  Stake to the heart.  Ball of flames.  Sage’s heartbreak was touching – don’t often see a woman who can cry and look beautiful at the same time.

Loved the way she bursts into the Salvatore house hell bent on revenge.  One angry lady, several punches, and two vampires scattered across the floor.  Within moments, Sage and her sidekick collapse and die.

This is where the game changer of the episode rears its intriguing head and we see the emergence of a whole new storyline – the blood link between all vampires.  Must admit, I didn’t see that one coming.  Makes me wonder if it’s an attempt to keep some of the originals around.  It’s no secret that Elijah and Klaus have gained popularity during the last season and let’s face it, the originals do provide a certain edge to the show.  Every show needs a villain.  In TVD, there are five.  And we all know the fate of the villain.  They lose, they die, they run.  Either way, the good always beats the bad.   So we should expect some serious butt kicking from the Salvatore brothers against the power hungry bloodsuckers … right?  Suddenly, I’m not so sure.  Kill all the originals and all the vampires die.  Not good for the Salvatore brothers or Caroline.

Stefan attempting to stake Klaus

A disgruntled Stefan approaches Klaus and trades the stakes for Damon’s life.  He tries to fool Klaus into believing that he’s handed over all the stakes but after a little torture and compulsion to poor Damon, Klaus is told there are more stakes.  And of course, Klaus makes the same “bring them to me or I will kill everyone you have ever loved” speech.  As much as I love TVD, that line has been repeated one  too many times!  I’m interested to see Klaus’s reaction when he’s told that Alaric’s vampire hating psycho self has hidden the last stake.

Stefan confessing to Elana he still loves her

Held my breath at the last scene between Stefan and Elena, hoping for some closure between them.  Still waiting, still hoping.  No closure, no kiss, nothing.  Stefan finally tells her that he loves her, he’ll always love her (sigh), but she has to look him in the eyes and tell him she doesn’t feel anything for Damon.  And Elena chokes.  Found this a bit odd considering the fact that a few episodes back, she was begging him to show her some emotion.  Now that he has, she “doesn’t know what she’s feeling.”   Grrr.

One of the reasons I fell in love with TVD was the epic love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers that rang throughout the series.  I agree that the breakup between Stefan and Elena needed to happen in order to rock their world, but is it just me that’s missing some serious romance in season 3?  With only a handful of kisses in season 3, and the season drawing to a rapid end, I’m hoping for some closure with this love triangle.  I’m for either couple but please, pick a side!

One thing’s for sure, we eagerly await to see what awaits our favorite characters of Mystic Falls.


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