Once Upon A Time: "Open Your Eyes" Album Review

Once Upon A Time is an up and coming pop-rock band from Phoenix, AZ who released their debut EP “Open Your Eyes” on February 14th, 2012. This EP consisted of three songs; What Am I Looking For, the opening track, starts with slower ballad type feel, but quickly shows their rocker side with powerful drums and edgier guitar chords. The next track, Open Your Eyes, takes on the more emotional lyrics accompanied with softer music. This song definitely grows as a favorite for some fans, because the lyrics really open up and help them relate to the band more. The last song Forever and Ever ends the EP with a catchy, upbeat rock song. This song starts and ends with the same fun feeling that could leave you head banging and fist pumping.

Andrew (lead singer) has that natural, new/young singer voice that draws a younger teen girl audience towards his music. The other members of the band; Jamie DiCarlo (guitar), Keaton Leander (guitar), Mark Miller (piano), Bryan Wong (bass), and Nate Ray (drums) show their musical talent in every song. Specifically, Mark who shows immense amount of talent with his mad piano skill in the first two tracks.

This is a fantastic start for this band. It’s easy to see them going places, fast.



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