Cover Wars: Disney Style

Disney. When you hear that word what comes to mind? Happiness? Joy? Princesses perhaps? Everyone loves Disney. It’s a simple fact. At Honest Reviews Corner we also love Punk/pop music. Fortunately for us, we found multiple combinations of the two! Vote for your favorite punk/pop artist cover of a famous Disney song below.

Cover #1

Song: A Whole New World

Artist: Since Forever


Cover #2

Song: Kiss The Girl

Artist: Stellar Kart


Cover #3

Song: Beauty and the Beast

Artist: Jump5


Cover #4

Song: When You Wish Upon A Star

Artist: American Hi-Fi


Cover #5

Song: The Bare Necessities

Artist: Bowling For Soup


Cover #6

Song: Part Of Your World

Artist: Nick Pitera

[youtube] [polldaddy poll=6171820]
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