Band of the Week: Life After Liftoff

Genre: Pop-Punk

Location: Dayton, OH


Bio: Life After Liftoff consists of members: Lee Weiss – lead singer and guitarist, Dan Malloy – drums, back-up vocals, keys, Ryan Chatterton – guitar, back-up vocals, keys and Jason Sigritz – bass and back-up vocals. In the words of the lead singer, Lee Weiss, the sound of the band is defined as “alien pop punk.” If that doesn’t make you think Blink 182, I don’t know what does. They have played Warped Tour, and have been featured on a playlist in Journey’s shoes stores around the world. They are supported by bands like: Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Hit The Lights, All Time Low, Paramore, and many many more!

Why they are band of the week: There is no band I love more than Blink 182. If you have ever said this to yourself or anyone else, LAL is the perfect band for you. Their sound is definitely influenced by their rock gods: Tom, Mark, and Travis. The guys in LAL are funny, fresh, and fantastic. Keep and eye out for their new EP “Brand New Life” being released on May 1st 2012. I’m hoping some day I can see them in concert with Blink 182. That would be epic.

Check them out in concert:

Fri May 11 Enon, OH Indian Valley Middle School
Sat May 12 Fairborn, OH W.O Wright’s
Fri June 08 Beavercreek, OH W.O Wright’s
Sat July 21 Fairborn, OH W.O Wright’s
Fri July 27 Nashville, TN Cadillac Rach
Sat Sept 15 Fairborn, OH W.O Wright’s
Fri Nov 23 Fairborn, OH W.O Wright’s

Check out their music: 


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