We understand our readers and fans are passionate. We also understand that people sometimes speak without thinking. We all do. But we hope to inspire everyone to be more conscientious.

We want Talk Nerdy to be a safe environment for our writers, our fans, our readers.

We want to be a vocal part of fandoms that choose to change the world for good. We want to stand up for YOU. We will be working toward promoting more articles, charities, campaigns, and causes that stand up to fandom bullies.

Talk Nerdy With Us wants to make ALL of its writers, readers, fans and even haters aware that we do not condone or discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. What we are is a place to nerd out about all the things you love in a safe, supportive environment. 

When we were growing up, if you were bullied, picked on, shamed, or hated, it was in person. You could see people around you whispering and glaring, and it would take guts, even courage on your tormentor’s behalf, to come up and confront you. Though it hurt to be assaulted face-to-face, steps could be taken to avoid or directly confront your bully.

Today bullying is far more distant and indirect, while still being incredibly aggressive and persistent. People now sit behind a computer screen and anonymously attack. In fact, most social media platforms thrive under that latitude. At times, the freedom of expression can be awesome, like when you’re retweeted by your favorite celebrity. Other times it can be devastating. Inadvertently say the wrong thing, and you can expect hundreds of angry replies and accusations. Suddenly you’re being prosecuted as a bully, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist…a hater. Why? Because you voiced a difference of opinion.

That needs to stop.

Fandoms are a dedicated lot. The beauty of fandoms is how people find community and friendship by sharing a common love. Name a TV show, movie, book, game, actor, character…whatever and chances are there’s a fandom for it. The internet made that possible and it’s forever changed the way people connect over their favorite things. Fandoms are an extension that enables devotees to enjoy their favorite –insert passion here—far beyond its initial incarnate. Some people support multiple fandoms, others are loyal to one and some just don’t get it. All of that’s okay.

What’s not okay is attacking someone because they believe differently than you. Calling someone names because they don’t ship your fave couple or making threats because someone dislikes a certain fandom is bullying, plain and simple. And to what purpose?  It’s not going to get that person to change their mind and jump on your fandom train. It also diminishes the fandom you support. Sharing your enthusiasm is more likely to garner someone’s interest in what you’re touting than skewering them for their difference of opinion or even ignorance on the subject.   

Every person is different. Every person has their own thoughts, history, and experiences. Everyone has gone through their own battles in life. A million things shape us and continue to shape us. Be open to people’s stories and experiences. Chances are someone else may have hooked you into your fandom in the first place. How do you know that won’t happen again? How do you know your own positive devotion won’t ignite a matching interest in someone else? And if someone doesn’t have the same beliefs or interests as you the question should be “why?” and not “how dare you?” Explore the answer, grow, learn. And invite others to do the same.

There is so much passion, so much good a fandom can do. Hell, multiple fandoms even raised more than $100,000 for the Trevor project! Something many of us here at TNWU contributed to. Why waste your time hating on, spamming and campaigning against people who don’t share the same beliefs. Spend your time starting trends and setting examples. Be the kind of person you wish to see in the world. Inspire, don’t belittle.   

Now nerd out and change the world!