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  • Exclusive Interview with Turnt’s Jayna Sweet

    If you’re a Degrassi fan you’re going to love the new teen drama Turnt on Facebook Watch. It’s a racier, more mature coming-of-age soap created by newcomer Rachel Stern that does not shy away from the complex, realistic and painful issues that plague high school students today. In truth, it may be the closest thing to […]

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  • Red Table Talk: Jada Pinkett Smith’s New Web Series You Should Be Watching

    If you’re looking for a great web series that’s short, sweet and engages in important and honest conversation, check out Jada Pinkett Smith’s new Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk! Red Table Talk premiered earlier this month and it’s definitely something worth discussing. Each 16-19 minute long webisode is led by three generations of women including: Jada […]

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  • It’s a MAD, mad world! The Return of MAD Magazine

    For those lovers of MAD Magazine, we’re excited to announce that not only are they back as a magazine (available at newsstands and digitally) but they’re also launching two new ways to enjoy their hilarity: a new channel on Twitch and a MAD podcast! Twitch TV is the online streaming platform for all things pop […]

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  • Web Series Review: Teenagers S3

    Something I’ve thought about in the past is why, even as an adult, I’m still drawn to teen dramas and YA literature. Plenty of critics find the market more or less tiresome for various reasons: it might be the irrationality and pettiness of adolescent characters. Or it could be the frequent who’s-dating-who conflicts and popularity struggles […]

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  • Comic Review: Killing Stalking by Koogi

    Lezhin Comic’s Killing Stalking by Koogi is a thrilling romp of fear, bondage and psychological horror. This BL (Boys Love) comic consists of mature content in 35 episodes with 6 specials, including a prologue, epilogue and Q&A’s. WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEAD The story centers on Yoon Bum, a young South Korean man with an unhealthy […]

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