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  • COMET & CHARGE! November Giveaway!

    COMET TV continues to be the home of the sci-fi classic Babylon 5 which airs every day at Noon/11 C and every night at 9/8 C. And CHARGE! has the classic series CHiPs. Join Ponch and Jon as they cruise the freeways of L.A. solving crime and breaking hearts… Check out the full schedule below and get your groove on […]

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  • John Barrowman confirms return to ‘Arrow’

    John Barrowman has confirmed he will be returning to reprise his role as villain-turned-hero Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow. Speaking to Digital Spy, Barrowman confirmed that he has already filmed a scene as The Dark Archer, but it is unclear how he will make his return since Malcolm died saving Thea from an explosion on Lian Yu […]

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  • Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas Gifts Us with Life-Size 2!

    It’s November 1st and Merry Christmas was already trending on Twitter this morning. Kill me now! If you’re like me and don’t want to think about Santa until at least Thanksgiving this is just a heads up for next month. Whew, it’s bad enough Christmas decorations are in stores BEFORE Halloween. Right? Right? Now that Freeform […]

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  • Fox Announces Casting for Upcoming Rent Live Musical

    Fox has announced the cast for its upcoming Rent live musical. The full cast is as follows: Kiersey Clemons as JOANNE JEFFERSON, Maureen’s girlfriend and an Ivy League-educated lawyer. Brandon Victor Dixon as TOM COLLINS, the computer scientist who returns to New York after being expelled from MIT. Jordan Fisher as MARK COHEN, an aspiring […]

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  • Coping with Trauma and Loss: A Jessica Jones Case Study

    After two gut-wrenching seasons of Jessica Jones on Netflix, we’re several years past the point when the un-comic-savvy had to ask, “Who is Jessica Jones?” Since the show’s debut in 2015, audiences have watched her kick butt, break hearts, alienate friends, murder her former abuser, and lose her mother for the second time. Yet plenty […]

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