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  • Ship Wars: Good Trouble’s Callie/Gael vs. Callie/Jamie

    Fans might have thought Callie Adams Foster dated some great guys on The Fosters, but Callie’s adult relationships on Good Trouble are more mature, sexier, and overall more satisfying as a viewer. First, there’s Jamie, the older brother of Brandon’s wife, Eliza. When we originally met Jamie back in the three-part series finale of The […]

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  • Ship Wars: Quantico

    Breakout ABC drama Quantico is filled with intrigue, action, friendship, and, of course, romance. It seems that almost everyone on the show has some sort of love interest already during this first season, which isn’t too surprising since they spend every waking minute together during their training. Quantico allows its viewers to think about what role relationships […]

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  • Ship Wars: Agent Carter

    ABC’s hit drama Agent Carter has quickly become a fan favorite for the winter season of television. It is an action-packed hour of television with suspense, loyalty, friendship, and, yes, romance. With the introduction of some new characters, relationship possibilities grew for Peggy Carter, and season two seems to be taking the opportunity to explore these […]

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  • Ship Wars: Supergirl

    New and popular superhero comic-turned-TV show Supergirl has a little something for everyone: action, adventure, family, and, you guessed it, romance. In fact, as of the most recent episode, there are three possible ships for Supergirl herself, Kara Danvers. Kara is sweet, quirky, and selfless, so it is not surprising that multiple men have shown interest. […]

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  • Ship Wars: Younger

    One of the most talked about new shows of 2015 was TV Land’s Younger. Tonight, season two premieres with much excitement and acclaim. Season one gave viewers several different couples to enjoy, with both Liza and Kelsey having a couple of options. Today we’re talking Liza! Which ship are you excited for or hope to see more […]

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