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  • Bryna Binges: Roswell

    For a long time, my best friend Rachel has been bugging me to watch Roswell. She constantly talked my ear off about her love of both Michael/Maria, Liz/Max and just how well done the show was overall. I was hesitant to watch the show as I’m not really a fan of the sci-fi genre. But […]

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  • Ship Wars: The Bold Type’s Jane/Pinstripe vs. Jane/Ben

    I love The Bold Type for many reasons: the portrayal of strong women, healthy female friendships, refreshing yet relatable situations, millennial references, and the most delicious and swoon-worthy romantic relationships.  For two of the three girls, the show makes it obvious as to who they should be with: Sutton belongs with Richard and Kat belongs […]

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  • Review: Netflix’s Last Chance U Season Three

    “We don’t have a reputation to uphold, we have a reputation to create.” That’s what Independence Community College Head Coach Jason Brown said on a local radio show at the beginning of episode four. Unlike the first two seasons of Last Chance U, which focused on JUCO powerhouse East Mississippi Community College, season three takes […]

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  • Impulse Review – YouTube Red’s Groundbreaking Series

    YouTube Red’s new young adult series, Impulse, may be loosely based on Steven Gould’s Jumper books, even sharing the same title as the third novel, but that’s largely where the similarities end. The show stars Maddie Hasson as 16-year-old Henrietta Cole, better known as Henry, an outsider–once again–in the town of Reston, New York. Resentful […]

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  • A&E Presents Cultureshock: Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call

    Over the summer A&E is presenting an original documentary series called Cultureshock which takes a deep dive into some of pop culture’s biggest moments. Produced by Meredith Corporation’s Four M Studios in association with Entertainment Weekly, the series begins with Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call which aired on June 25th, 9 years to the day […]

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