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  • A&E Presents Cultureshock: Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call

    Over the summer A&E is presenting an original documentary series called Cultureshock which takes a deep dive into some of pop culture’s biggest moments. Produced by Meredith Corporation’s Four M Studios in association with Entertainment Weekly, the series begins with Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call which aired on June 25th, 9 years to the day […]

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  • Bryna Binges: Felicity

    Dear Sally,  I have a confession to make: It took me almost two years to finish binging Felicity. But I did it. I finally finished it over the weekend and boy, do I have a lot to say. I guess I’ll start by answering the question of why it took me so long to watch […]

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  • Favorite Raige Moments from Season Two

    Season two of Famous in Love has been a long and winding road for Rainer and Paige, better known to fans by their ship name, Raige. While the season ended on a positive note, this relationship continues to be the slowest of slow burns. Since the finale, I’ve had a few weeks to think about […]

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  • Bidding Farewell To “Once Upon A Time”

    Tonight, our Storybrooke storybook comes to its conclusion. Despite the happy endings we know (we hope!) we will get, the night will be bittersweet for the show’s millions of fans across the globe. For seven seasons – seven years – the people of Disney’s live-action retellings of its classic movies and iconic characters have come […]

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  • Preview: Chicago P.D. 5×22 “Homecoming”

    This is it. Chicago P.D. has been building up to the season finale for weeks with some excellent episodes (you could even argue that they’ve been putting the building blocks in place for this finale since the first episode of the season). There’s a ton of questions heading into this week’s finale: Will Voight take […]

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