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  • Recap: The Village 1×03 “In Your Bones”

    “Come celebrate with me, that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed.” That’s the last line that Ron reads of Lucille Clifton’s poem “won’t you celebrate with me” at Ava’s party in the most recent episode of The Village. While Ron reads it with Ava’s situation in mind, it certainly applies to […]

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  • Recap: The Village 1×02 “Good Thing“

    This week’s episode of The Village is our first chance to really get to know the residents living in The Village. We learn that Katie might be more like Sarah than Sarah wants to admit, Nick’s life is full of secrets — some he might have known about and he some he didn’t — and […]

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  • Recap: Good Trouble 1×12 “Broken Arted”

    “Broken Arted” is a heartbreakingly beautiful hour of television; everything is starting to come to a head for our favorite Coterie residents in what is, without a doubt, Good Trouble’s best episode to date. Callie + Gael I’ve been saying this for weeks now — Gael is in love with Callie. As we learned this […]

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  • Recap: ‘The Village’ Pilot

    “Family is where you find it, kid.” Name any show where the main character’s friends turn into “family” and add in the tone and emotion of This is Us. That’s how I would describe NBC’s newest drama, The Village. Since this episode was all about introducing us to the world of this apartment complex, let’s meet […]

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