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  • Exclusive Interview with Brittany Curran of The Magicians

    Brittany Curran of Syfy’s The Magicians has had a long and diverse acting career – and she’s only 28! Growing up in Massachusetts, Brittany studied ballet, jazz, and tap dancing as well as violin. She began memorizing dialogue and scenes from her favorite movies before she entered the third grade. A few years later, she saw […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Siren’s David Kaye

    If you’re not watching Freeform’s Siren you are missing one of the best show’s on television. In short, mermaids (and these are no sweetly singing, dinglehopper carrying Ariels) come ashore a small, east coast town and turn it on its tail. Really, it’s more Grimm’s than Disney. While it may have your expected small-town gossip and […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Andi Mack’s Lilan Bowden

    Lilan Bowden’s first love is improv. She fell in love with the craft in college and created a comic duo with her roommate and best friend Wilder Smith. Today they continue to perform sketch comedy online, in theaters, and at festivals all over. That is… when she’s not starring in her first series regular role as […]

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