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  • Exclusive Interview with Deck The Hallmark Podcast

    Brandon Gray (Bran), Daniel Pandolph (Panda) and Daniel Thompson (Dan) have decided to tackle the impossible this season: they are recapping and reviewing all 37 new Hallmark Christmas movies this season on their podcast, Deck The Hallmark. Yes, you read that right — all 37 of them. What makes this podcast unique, besides their crazy […]

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  • Yeah, Seriously, “How DID This Get Made?”

    I’m not what most people (well, anyone) would consider a movie buff. And, honestly, that tends to raise a lot of eyebrows seeing as how for the first 25 years of my life becoming an actress was the only thing I ever gave a damn about. I don’t go to the movies very often (sorry, […]

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  • It’s a MAD, mad world! The Return of MAD Magazine

    For those lovers of MAD Magazine, we’re excited to announce that not only are they back as a magazine (available at newsstands and digitally) but they’re also launching two new ways to enjoy their hilarity: a new channel on Twitch and a MAD podcast! Twitch TV is the online streaming platform for all things pop […]

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  • Podcast Review: Back To Back

    If a television show is good, the fictional characters become a regular part of your life over the course of its duration. Podcasts take this idea to the next level; the real people behind them can actually break the fourth wall and interact with their listeners, allowing listeners to feel personally invested in every episode. […]

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  • Behind The Lines: A Podcast Reviewer Podcasts Herself

    Everyone’s doing it right now, it’s become like drinking craft cocktails from mason jars, slapping pineapples on all your accessories or eating quinoa in everything. Yep, podcasting is the new DIY butter kit, easy enough anyone can do it at home. So, just like 500,000 other people/groups, my friend Omar started a podcast and asked […]

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