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  • Carlos Vara Releases New Single “Confident”

    Carlos Vara just released his latest single, “Confident.” Although the Nashville-based pop artist is currently signed to a major label, Vara took the road less travelled to get there. He released his first single “Numb” on his own to roaring success on streaming services. This success as independent artist is what got the attention of […]

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  • Bryna’s Playlist: November 2018

    Another month, another playlist. Just like October, this month seemed to be dominated by country music. I can’t help it when so many country artists are putting out new music; I have to take a listen. With that said, here are 8 country tracks I have been playing on repeat. Rules of Breaking Up — […]

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  • Bryna’s Playlist: October 2018

    While my music tastes vary from pop and R&B and everything in between, country music always holds a special place in my heart. This month, especially, it seems to be all that’s on my playlist. I always like talking about what I’m currently listening to and getting suggestions on what I should be listening to. […]

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  • Beyond The Sun Release New Single “STOP”

    Beyond the Sun just released their newest track “STOP,” which is sure to be a head-bobbing summer anthem. “STOP is a letter to all the fake people in your life,” lead vocalist Colin Radu said in the press release announcing the single. “We were at this point in our lives that, for whatever reason, we […]

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