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  • Matt LeGrand Releases Video for “12:00am”

    Up-and-coming Chicago pop artist Matt LeGrand recently released the music video for his latest single “12:00am.” Produced by Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams, the song is an ode to his club audience with its slick production, booming beats, and sizzling vocals, which is evident from the opening seconds of the video. The video features three women […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Late Night Episode’s Daniel Lonner

    Alt-rock band Late Night Episode, comprised of Daniel Lonner (vocals), Eric Sherman (guitar), Brett Daniel (drums) and Giovanni Stockton-Rossini (bass), might not be on your radar, but you’re definitely going to want to check out their latest project. Now, more than ever, artists are taking full creative control of their projects. Visual albums allow artists to do exactly that by providing their listeners with more […]

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