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  • Album Review: Zac Brown Band’s “Welcome Home”

    With six studio albums under their belts, the three-time Grammy Award winning Zac Brown Band was welcomed back to their roots by country fans with the recent release of their seventh album, Welcome Home. On the 10-track album, the band returned to the traditional-meets-contemporary essence that made them fan-favorites when they debuted on the country music scene back in […]

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  • Review of Lilianna Wilde’s EP “Bad For You”

    Lilianna Wilde is an independent singer-songwriter who calls LA home. This ambitious and talented woman made her way into music and writing music through the back door, so to speak. You can read our Exclusive Interview from December 2015 with her here. Since we last spoke, Lilianna has been busy, she took a UCLA extension […]

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  • It’s “All Your Fault” According to Bebe Rexha

    Chances are you haven’t heard the name Bebe Rexha more than once, but get ready for it to be all Bebe all the time. Self-made breakup letter tracks like “Small Doses,” “F.F.F.” and “Atmosphere” explore topics from toxic relationships and fake friends and overbearing relationships. Rexha’s EP imitates the emotional stages of relationships of all […]

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  • Album Review: T.R.I.P. by The Lights Out

    Bostonians, The Lights Out, dropped their new album, T.R.I.P., this week where each song has a foot in a different version of this life. T.R.I.P is certainly not an album that you can simply listen to and be done with it. It’s like those movies that you watch a few times to make sure you’re […]

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  • Exclusive Album Review of Crooked Lines by Rebekah Todd

    Rebekah Todd is a North Carolinian singer/songwriter who grew up surrounded by folk and classic rock while navigating her musical talents. Todd’s previous album Roots Burry Deep was beautifully crafted but her new album, Crooked Lines, is a different beast. An interesting fact about this album is that it was made possible by fans! Todd […]

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