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  • EP Review: Lena Stone

    When I really like an album, I tend to listen to it over and over again. My roommate may find it a tad obnoxious to constantly hear the same music playing on repeat throughout our apartment, but if I really love a project I’m going to play it until I know all the words. Lena […]

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  • Album Review: Pop Evil

      Michigan hard rockers Pop Evil released their latest self titled album on February 16, and it has to be their very best yet! As a long time fan of the band, I am simply amazed at the evolution of the band’s new sound, a change I haven’t heard since Avenged Sevenfold released The Stage […]

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  • “Get Drunk and Cry” Short Film Music Review

    Short films often allow artists to be more creative and find unique ways to communicate with their audience more effectively. With Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade making a splash in the music world a few years ago, Ruthie Collins was inspired to create a short film titled Get Drunk and Cry to give listeners a taste […]

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