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  • COMET & CHARGE! November Giveaway!

    COMET TV continues to be the home of the sci-fi classic Babylon 5 which airs every day at Noon/11 C and every night at 9/8 C. And CHARGE! has the classic series CHiPs. Join Ponch and Jon as they cruise the freeways of L.A. solving crime and breaking hearts… Check out the full schedule below and get your groove on […]

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  • Your 2018 Thanksgiving Movie Guide

    If your family is like mine and doesn’t have a tradition of dinner and football on Thanksgiving day, then a good alternative is to spend time at the movies. There are some really great movies coming out this week, which means plenty of options in case one is sold out. Here are my Top 5 […]

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  • Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

    [MINOR SPOILERS FOR BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY MAY OCCUR BELOW. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!] If a majority of critics have ever been completely wrong about a movie, it’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I went in with low expectations after reading an influx of negative reviews and came out downloading every Queen album and knocking down the doors of academy members […]

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