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  • Opening Night at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

    The 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival kicked off with a bang as Emilio Estevez’s film The Public opened to a large crowd at the Arlington Theater. There to celebrate the opening was Emilio Estevez and fellow cast members Alec Baldwin, Michael K. Williams, Jena Malone, Che Smith, Spencer Garrett and Jacob Vargas; festival jurors […]

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  • “Proud Mary” Movie Review

    We finally got a movie with a lead African-American actress, starring none other than Taraji P. Henson in the titular role. However, as much as Proud Mary showed great promise, something different in the eyes of many viewers, I was left rather unsatisfied: not only with how the film turned out, but even how it was promoted in the first […]

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  • American Assassin Movie Review

    The world is a blur. You hear panting, screaming, and you are completely immersed in the crumbling world of Mitch Rapp, a 25-year-old young man caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. Mere seconds after proposing to his girlfriend Katrina, his entire world is turned around by a couple of terrorists with guns. 18 […]

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  • The Song of Sway Lake Review

    The Song of Sway Lake, written by Ari Gold and Elizabeth Bull and directed by Ari Gold, premiered at the LA Film Festival on June 21st. The film follows the story of the Sways and their lake. The film is kicked off by the suicide of Charlie Sway’s (played beautifully by Mary Beth Peil) son. Charlie’s […]

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  • Movie Review: Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

    Co-directed by Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter, the film, “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation,” focuses on Iroquois lacrosse players who believe the game is more than just a game. These athletes believe lacrosse is part of a spiritual process, since its roots lay in Iroquois culture, unlike many sports. It also follows well-known people, such as Oren Lyons, […]

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  • Life: Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds’ Space Chase

    Daniel Espinosa’s Life has had a bit of a tough time. With its alien-specimen-attacks-entire-space-crew premise, it was impossible for Life to not get compared to established franchises like Alien. In fact almost every review I read about Life prior to seeing it a few weeks ago and post-viewing have likened it to the Sigourney Weaver led […]

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