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  • Nicole Kidman is Ruthless in Crime Drama “Destroyer”

    Karyn Kusama’s latest film, Destroyer, is a tale rife with revenge and shot up with pain, slowly simmering with rage, heartbreak, and sometimes, love. Perhaps best known for Jennifer’s Body, the 2009 horror film starring Megan Fox as a possessed teenager, Kusama’s women are ruthless, unforgiving, and unpredictable. It’s no surprise that Nicole Kidman’s Erin Bell […]

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  • Why “Widows” Didn’t Deserve to Die at the Box Office

    From Black Panther breaking box office records and Hollywood standards to a number of films centered around women challenging stereotypes and the restrictive Hollywood norm, film in 2018 has been another game changer. With an incredible pack of films leading us into award season (the Golden Globe nominations were just released this week), there are those […]

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  • Life-Size 2 Review: A Sentimental Sequel for Grown-up Fans

    On Sunday, March 5th, 2000, everyone was doing cringe-worthy Budweiser frog impressions –  “Whassup?” – The Sims were hijacking reality, everyone awaited NSYNC’s No Strings Attached, and a TV movie called Life-Size starring 13-year-old Lindsay Lohan and a pre-America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks aired that night as part of ABC’s The Wonderful World of […]

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  • Your 2018 Thanksgiving Movie Guide

    If your family is like mine and doesn’t have a tradition of dinner and football on Thanksgiving day, then a good alternative is to spend time at the movies. There are some really great movies coming out this week, which means plenty of options in case one is sold out. Here are my Top 5 […]

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  • Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

    [MINOR SPOILERS FOR BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY MAY OCCUR BELOW. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!] If a majority of critics have ever been completely wrong about a movie, it’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I went in with low expectations after reading an influx of negative reviews and came out downloading every Queen album and knocking down the doors of academy members […]

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