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  • LA Film Festival 2018 Lineup

    Since 2011, the Los Angeles Film Festival has stood out amongst other film festivals for its emphasis on diversity and its spotlight on minority filmmakers. This year is no different. The festival will take place Thursday, September 20th – Friday, September 28th. The event typically takes place in June, but the new fall schedule seems […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Greg Grunberg

    I’ve always had a great fondness for alliteration. The gratifying cadence of like sounding words on the tongue is equally matched by their resonant musicality on the ear. Not only does Greg Grunberg’s name give me that tickle of satisfaction, but so does the immediate word that comes to mind in describing him:  gregarious. Best […]

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  • Movie Review: Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

    Co-directed by Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter, the film, “Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation,” focuses on Iroquois lacrosse players who believe the game is more than just a game. These athletes believe lacrosse is part of a spiritual process, since its roots lay in Iroquois culture, unlike many sports. It also follows well-known people, such as Oren Lyons, […]

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  • HBO Documentary “Rock and A Hard Place” Debuts March 27

    HBO has confirmed that the documentary “Rock and A Hard Place” will debut Monday, March 27th at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT). The HBO Documentary film takes a look at incarcerated young people who are given a second chance: the opportunity to trade an extensive prison sentences for a new beginning by completing the famed Miami-Dade County […]

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  • Movie Review: Finding Kukan

    Earlier this month, Robin Lung’s new documentary, Finding Kukan, made its DOC NYC premiere and it’s bringing a much-needed wave of interest in Asian-American contributions to the film industry. Finding Kukan tells the story of Li Ling-Ai, a Chinese-American woman from Hawaii who sets out on a mission to change America’s perception of Chinese culture. […]

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