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  • Exclusive Interview with Esther Turan

    Esther Turan works her own magic behind the scenes. As a director, producer, and founder of Moviebar Productions, she’s experienced pretty much every aspect of moviemaking in Hollywood. I got the chance to talk with Esther about what inspired her love of film & television, how she got her foot in the door, her documentary series, BP […]

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  • Nicole Kidman is Ruthless in Crime Drama “Destroyer”

    Karyn Kusama’s latest film, Destroyer, is a tale rife with revenge and shot up with pain, slowly simmering with rage, heartbreak, and sometimes, love. Perhaps best known for Jennifer’s Body, the 2009 horror film starring Megan Fox as a possessed teenager, Kusama’s women are ruthless, unforgiving, and unpredictable. It’s no surprise that Nicole Kidman’s Erin Bell […]

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  • Talk Nerdy With Us Staff Favorites 2018

    2018 was yet another year of exceptional television, music, books, and movies. So much came out in each category over the past 365 days that it’s hard to remember every single thing. But alas, the year is over, which means it is time for us, as a staff, to take stock of the things we loved in 2018. […]

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  • Disney’s 2019 Theatrical Takeover

    Disney is pretty much set to make box office history in 2019. With an impressive lineup of sequels, live-action remakes, and first-time debuts, the Walt Disney Company is sure to have one of the most profitable years yet. See below for a list of must-see Disney films in 2019 along with their release dates. Captain Marvel […]

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