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  • HISTORY’s Knightfall Introduces 2 Companion Games

      A&E Networks announces two new companion games for History’s scripted drama series, Knightfall. Knightfall, an original HISTORY drama series from A+E Studios focuses on the Knights Templar and debuted Wednesday, December 6. The companion games include A+E Networks’ first foray into the augmented reality world with Knightfall AR, an all-new technology that creates a […]

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  • Final Fantasy XIV: The Far Edge Of Fate Release Notes!

    Square Enix‘s Massive Multiplayer Online juggernaut Final Fantasy XIV (14) is seeing big changes in upcoming weeks up until the summer release of its newest expansion pack, Stormblood!  This patch, entitled The Far Edge of Fate, will be broken into two parts – one that will be released worldwide on January 17th 2017 and part two which will […]

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  • CON MAN: THE GAME Launches on iTunes and Google Play

    Science fiction dream team Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, today launched CON MAN: THE GAME on iTunes and Google Play for…FREE!!!  Developed by Frima and executive producer PJ Haarsma, the hilarious mobile game which was inspired by the hit Comic-Con HQ show “Con Man”, allows players to build and host the greatest comic book convention in the […]

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  • Which Is Nerdier: Pokémon Edition

    Unless you are living off the grid, and possibly under a rock, you have heard of the international phenomenon called Pokémon Go. Hordes of people, young and old, are dashing about with cell phones in hand trying to catch cute little imaginary creatures. But Pokémon is not a new concept. Pokémon was developed in 1995, […]

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