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  • Exclusive Interview with Author Tracie Banister

    A forensic accountant, a pet psychic, a psychologist, and five Best Actress Oscar nominees…what do they have in common?  These are some of the many intriguing characters created by prolific author Tracie Banister.  Banister has written three books: Blame It On The Fame, In Need Of Therapy and .  She is currently working on her […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Chasing Butterflies Author Lisa N. Edwards

    Lisa Edwards is the award-winning screenwriter of LIMBO, actress, presenter, former talent agency owner and producer. Last August, I interviewed her about Can’t Fight Fate, the first book in her trilogy telling the story of entertainment lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick‘s lifelong search for her green-eyed soul mate foretold by psychics. Her second book, Chasing Butterflies, was released […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Author Barb Alexander

     Barb Alexander is an elementary school teacher and history aficionado. Having lived in England and combining her love of history enabled Alexander to write the Tudor Tutor: Your Cheeky Guide to the Tudor Dynasty. This book is an informative as well as entertaining look at the Tudor Dynasty. Read below what she said about writing […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Octopus Pie Creator Meredith Gran

    Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Meredith Gran, author, creator, and artist of the webcomic Octopus Pie, has quite the interesting life. In addition to creating Octopus Pie, she teaches a webcomics course at the School of Visual Arts. Meredith also has a seven-year-old dog and enjoys lifting weights. She took time out of her busy schedule […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Injection’s Warren Ellis

    Talk Nerdy With Us recently chatted with Warren Ellis, the creative genius behind the new graphic novel Injection. Ellis is an award-winning writer best-known for Trees, Supreme: Blue Rose and Moon Knight. Read our interview below where we discuss Injection #6 which hits stores January 13th. First off: where did the idea come from for a […]

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