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  • Exclusive Interview with Writer K Kibbee

      The third installment of K Kibbee’s The Forests of the Fae series, Lang’s Labyrinth, was published at the end of last month by Incorgnito Press. I had a chance to peruse a review copy of Lang’s Labyrinth and assemble some questions for Kibbee about her experiences, writing, and this excellent series. You can see Kibbee’s detailed answers below. Some […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Author Ashlyn Hope

    Ashlyn Hope is a sports romance author, whose debut novel was published in November 2017.  Going Pro: Touchdown tells the story of Pro, a massage therapist who, at first, seems unlucky in work and in love. Soon after she gets her new business up and running, she–quite literally–runs into David, a massively sized, massively hot professional football player. Ashlyn […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Greg Grunberg

    I’ve always had a great fondness for alliteration. The gratifying cadence of like sounding words on the tongue is equally matched by their resonant musicality on the ear. Not only does Greg Grunberg’s name give me that tickle of satisfaction, but so does the immediate word that comes to mind in describing him:  gregarious. Best […]

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  • JordanCon 2017

    JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late Robert Jordan and his book series “The Wheel of Time.” This convention celebrates its ninth year of a book series of fifteen books that were published over twenty-three years (1990 to 2013). The series has garnered a worldwide fan base that has picked up enough […]

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