“The Flash” 7×03 Recap: Iris Is The Key To Barry’s Power

The Flash finally concluded its Mirror Master story arc on Tuesday night with what was supposed to be the season 6 finale finally taking place in the third episode of Season 7. I know, I know – blame corona. Anyway, the episode also set up what’s expected to be the official big bad for the rest of the seventh season.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the episode.

Barry gets his speed back with love

As we all know, Barry did not have his speed and was against using the artificial speed force after it completely zapped his brain in last week’s episode. With time running out, Barry is visited by the resurrected Dr. Harrison Wells, who I will be calling OG Wells. Wells tells Barry that love is the key to him getting his speed back, which leads him to his wife.

“Run, Barry, run… towards love,” says Harrison.

Later, Iris wakes up and uses the fusion sphere to give her superhero husband his speed back. So, now he gets to go in and save the day.

Eva’s redemption

I’m glad this villain storyline is over because Eva has been a terrible big bad. Case in point – this finale. With Eva’s “children” (still creepy to say) terrorizing Central City, Cisco (as new Vibe), Frost, and Barry all show up to fight her. Eva clones herself into some more of her “children” and a yawnfest of a fight sequence is shown.

Iris realizes Barry can’t win this on his own. She goes downtown and pleads with Eva to stop. Barry and Iris join forces with Eva to stop her clones once and for all. So basically this entire season was a waste because Eva goes back to the Mirrorverse like nothing ever happened.

Episode Notes

  • This was a poorly written finale and everything felt rushed and out of place. Iris being the key to Barry’s speed seemed too easy. Like, Cisco and Caitlin couldn’t have figured that out?
  • Anyone else notice OG Wells nod to someone off camera we didn’t see during the moment Barry got his speed back? Hmm…
  • In the post credits scene, we rewind to “18 Hours Earlier”. The moment Iris gives Barry his speed back, lightning lights up across the dark sky in a rainbow of colors. Something tells me we’re getting another speedster big bad. Maybe more than one 😉

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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