“Riverdale” 5×07 Recap: The fight to save Riverdale continues

Riverdale continued on The CW this week with Archie and crew fighting to save their beloved town while Betty’s search for her missing sister uncovered an even deeper and darker concern for the dying town.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of episode 5×07, titled “Fire in the Sky”.

All hands on deck

After saving his house from burning down, Archie is quick to realize that Hiram is behind a string of arsons in the town to scare the last of its residents off for good. However, Archie has a plan: he wants to start a fire department since his grandfather was a fireman. Along with his old Army buddy, Jackson, Archie gets the ROTC kids to join and starts training his new crew.

Archie runs into a burning building to save a homeless man but once he dies, Jackson wants to make Hiram pay. Archie stops Jackson from making a mistake and instead puts him in charge of the new fire department.

Meanwhile, Veronica her economics students to work developing a new currency called “Riverdollars”. That is, until Hiram hears of it. So, he floods the town with counterfeit bills but Veronica somehow has enough money to buy Archie’s fire station a truck.

“I’d do anything for you, Archie,” she says.

That look in Veronica’s eye tells me she still loves her old flame and her husband may not be too happy with her.

Betty makes a gruesome discovery

This week saw Betty investigate a Jane Doe that they found in a swamp in the last episode two weeks ago. Once again, Hiram shows up and demands they get off the property. With the help of Reggie, Betty uncovers the dead body of Margaret Harper, who went missing three years ago.

Thanks to some help from Sheriff Keller and Toni, Betty discovers the real number of missing girls is around 21 or higher (!!). After her call with her boss (and lover but I’m not sure if that’s a thing anymore) at the FBI, Betty tells the group it could be a serial killer.

Looks like the Trash Bag Killer is back to haunt Betty in her own backyard of Riverdale.

Episode Notes

  • Elsewhere in the episode, Jughead continued digging into the Mothmen mystery after Nana Rose gave him what she believes is an alien corpse that she’s been keeping in a maple syrup barrel. The corpse vanishes after a weird night at Pop’s when Jug seemed to have a run-in with aliens. Or something? Who knows. It’s freaking Riverdale after all.

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Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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