‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Recap: Dani Looks To Shake Up The Game

Big Brother All-Stars continued on Sunday night with the Head of Household competition as one All-Star was forced to get blood on her hands and could shake up the game in the process.

In case you missed it, here’s what went down in Sunday’s episode.

Dani finally has power

It’s fair to say this season of Big Brother has been pretty damn boring. The Committee alliance has controlled the entire season and Sunday continued that winning streak as Dani outlasted everyone to win the HOH competition, despite her not wanting to win it.

With Dani now in power, Da’Vonne takes this moment to keep Tyler on Dani’s radar. Dani reminds us all in the Diary Room that when she was on Season 13 and made a move too early, it came back to bite her. She doesn’t want to make that mistake again.

Cody wants to basically run Dani’s HOH week and tells her to put up Kevin and David because that’s the only two people not talking game with them. Dani knows that Kevin isn’t coming after her, and she really likes him, but let’s be real here: her options are limited.

Dani also remembers Tyler screwed her over last week and is heavily debating putting up him on the block or backdooring him. Tyler tells her he’d understand if she nominates him but hopes he doesn’t.

The nominations are set… for now

At the nomination ceremony, Dani decides to nominate Kevin and David. However, David tells us in the Diary Room that he has the disruptor power and hints that he’s pretty much going to use it.

This wouldn’t be good news for Dani, who will likely have to nominate four people this week.

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Big Brother All-Stars continues on a special Tuesday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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