‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Recap: Cody’s Nominations Upended By Safety Twist

Big Brother All Stars continued on Sunday night with Cody’s first nominations of the season and two all stars trying their luck at the safety suite.

In case you missed it, here’s recap of what went down in the episode.

Hello, old friend

Sunday’s episode kicked off with the All-Stars reconnecting following Cody’s HOH win. Janelle says she and Kaysar were on both Season 6 and 7 together and she feels that he is someone she can trust moving forward. Nicole F thanked Da’Vonne for voting for her to win back in Season 18. That thank you was four years too late and Da’Vonne noticed, saying in the Diary Room that Nicole won’t fool her again.

Speaking of Nicole F, she tells us in the Diary Room that she wants to work with Cody until the end. While the edit makes it look like they just decided this, they didn’t. Do a little investigation on social media and you will find out they had a deal in place before returning for the season. Yawn. This is shaping up to be BB16 all over again. *eye roll*

The Safety Suite is open!

The details of the Safety Suite were finally revealed. Each houseguest had a “VIP Pass” to the secret room and they can choose to compete or not compete. The catch is that they can only compete once. If they win, they are safe and can choose one other person to be safe along with them.

After a conversation with Cody, Kaysar feels uneasy. He knows he may be in trouble and Janelle feels the same because they are much smarter than him. With time running out on the clock, Kaysar and Janelle both swipe their cards to play, much to the displeasure of Cody.

The first Safety Suite competition was a sound memory game. Players had to be a “DJ” and re-create the song. Kaysar struggled at first but would eventually get the hang of it. Janelle was next and she also had her difficulties. Kaysar would finish in 7 minutes and 41 seconds while Janelle took 16 minutes, making Kaysar the winner. As the winner, Kaysar earned safety and chose Janelle to be safe as well.

Cody gets blood on his hands

With Kaysar and Janelle safe, Cody is not happy. He now has to resort to Plan B and talks with Nicole F. He is thinking Kevin because he doesn’t talk to him and he’s thinking Keesha for the same reasons. Kevin talks to Cody before nominations and gets emotional at how hard it is for him to talk to people in the house, the same issue that plagued him on BB11.

Cody nominates Kevin and Keesha, who both tear up as they see their picture on the memory wall. Kevin says in the Diary Room that he wants revenge for being nominated and Keesha is hoping she can win the veto.

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Big Brother All-Stars continues Wednesday on CBS.

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