‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 6×14 Recap: Annalise Enters Her Final Fight

After six seasons, How To Get Away With Murder is coming to an end. The penultimate hour saw Annalise’s trial begin and ended with one final mystery.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of episode 6×14, titled “Annalise Keating Is Dead”.

Annalise goes into her element

One of the things I love about this show is watching Annalise in her element in the courtroom, ripping people to shreds on the stand. It is only right that the series ends as it began, with Ms. Keating being the badass she is. I know you’re thinking Tegan is her lawyer, but early on in the episode, Annalise decides to remove Tegan and represent herself.

Michaela takes the stand and tells obvious lies about the night Sam died, including that Annalise slept with Wes and Michaela denying that she pushed Sam over the railing that night. During the cross, Annalise calls out Michaela about the call she made to ICE to get Simon deported, which saw her play the freaking audio. The woman has receipts, people! Michaela lied again, saying it was not her on the tape.

Connor was the next person to be in Annalise’s crosshairs. He followed Michaela’s lies about how they got rid of Sam’s body because they worshipped Annalise but once again, Ms. Keating was ready for it. During the cross, she revealed that the gay conversion therapy he wrote about in his Middleton essay never existed, painting Connor as a liar.

The surprising moment came when Laurel (yes, she’s back) came to Annalise’s defense. It took a lot of sway from Annalise and Frank, but Laurel admits the FBI and Agent Lanford fed her, Connor, and Michaela the lies to nail Annalise. Tegan is happy, but Annalise is convinced they need Hannah’s testimony for her to win.

About that Frank bombshell…

And that leads me into the big Frank bombshell. Last week, Annalise found out Frank is actually Sam and Hannah’s incest child; yes, it is as gross as it sounds. Annalise felt throughout the episode she could get Hannah to testify on her behalf, sending Bonnie to talk to her lawyer. Annalise agrees to a $100 million pay up if she tells anyone else about Frank being Hannah’s child and she agreed to admit she killed Sam. However, the end of the episode brings one final shock as Hannah is found dead. It looks like a suicide but let’s be real, someone staged it. But who?!

Other Thoughts

  • I have no idea how things will be explained in the final hour. I still don’t believe Annalise is dead, but I do feel Tegan may have killed Hannah since she was against Annalise signing the NDA agreement.
  • Nate visited Jorge in prison, telling him to take the stand and take down the Governor in the process. It remains to be seen what will happen on that front.
  • Based on the promo, I predict Connor goes to prison while Tegan and Frank may die in the finale.

What are your theories? Let me know in the comments below!

How To Get Away with Murder concludes Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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