Denver Artists Release Single “I Can’t Breathe (Again)”

“I’m gonna make the choice for my kids and tell them, this is deeper than rap, I ain’t no preacher, just a speaker with facts.” – “Can’t Breathe (Again)”

Music has always been a reflection of society. As Bridgett Henwood of Vox put it, “at times of political and social unrest, it becomes a crucial refuge — both for musicians, as a release valve for their frustrations and convictions, and for listeners in need of a rallying cry.”

The Barbershop Uncut presents “Can’t Breathe (Again)” featuring Denver artists Chy Reco, Ramond, A Meazy, and Wil Guice, a track released in the wake of George Floyd’s death, which has inspired worldwide protests against systemic racism. The Mic Coats-produced track is catchy yet simultaneously full of emotion – a must listen.

Ramond said in a statement, “The song is bigger than any one of the artists on it and speaks to how so many of us are actually feeling about whats going in the world.”

“Can’t Breathe (Again)” is out now wherever you listen to music. 

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