Corvyx and Joey Dean Release “The Night We Met” Cover

The Night We Met - Lord Huron (13 Reasons Why Cover)

Rising alternative pop artists Corvyx and Joey Dean just released their new music video for their collaborative cover of Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met”. The music video sets the lovestruck couple down memory lane as they relive the night they share their first dance.

I got the chance to talk to them about what made them want to start pursuing music together, where the idea for the concept came from, whether any part of the music video process affected because of the pandemic and so much more! Keep reading to see what they had to say!

Congrats on the release of your cover of “The Night We Met”! This is the second collaboration you guys have done. I know you guys are a couple, but what made you guys want to start pursuing music together? 

Truth be told, we were always very hesitant to pursue anything music-related together. There was too much fear and ego involved. It would have been less intimidating if both of us weren’t vocalists because the fear of comparison wouldn’t exist as much. But the fact that we’re both vocalists added whole other level of paranoia that people would compare us. Finally, we decided to take the dive this year back in January for our first collaboration of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Fall On Me” and the response has been truly inspiring and overwhelming. Our decision to bite the bullet and swallow our egos was quite possibly the best thing we could have ever done. Our egos were never as important as our passion for each other and music. Ultimately, we decided it was silly for us to not share in the things that make us happiest together. 

Why this song? What does this song mean to you both? 

As lackluster as this sounds, it is absolutely just “one of those songs.” We both first heard it on the Netflix series that became a pop culture phenomenon, 13 Reasons Why, and we both had the same visceral response to it. It stopped us in our tracks and we knew one day we would have to give it our own spin, whether that was solo or together. Obviously, we’re both elated it was together. Joey and I are both deeply spiritual empaths and I think we can adapt and feel the pain others feel even if we cannot relate to it ourselves. So although this song may seem like it’s about heartbreak through loss or death, we both saw it as a chance to relive our pasts with each other.

Where did the concept for the video come from? 

When we originally watched 13 Reasons Why we fell in love with the youthful energy and tainted innocence of Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker’s coming of age story. It made us reminiscent of the time we spent in school when we were still figuring ourselves out and coming to grips with our sexuality and how isolated that made us feel. So watching the Liberty High school dance scene and the series finale of their prom inspired us to recreate and reclaim our own proms, as if we could have changed our memories and the reality of it. It was an opportunity for us to spend it with each other before we even knew each other if that makes sense. It’s all very metapsychological. [laughs] Someone call Christopher Nolan! 

What was the filming process like? Was any part of the music video process affected because of the pandemic? 

Fortunately, we were able to book a space other than my living room which is what I had been working out of for the majority of the pandemic; [it] really forces you to get creative. NYC has been in phase 2 for a little over two weeks now and the timing worked out. I called my long-time friend and collaborator Gabriella Loutfi and asked her if she’d be interested in filming (only if she was comfortable) and we assured her we’d follow CDC guidelines pretty strictly. She filmed the whole shoot with a mask over her mouth operating heavy camera equipment! (Superwoman!) Luckily, we were able to order everything we needed to dress the set in advance. I will say finding any place to blow up custom balloons during a pandemic was a nuisance being that some stores were still only operating through curbside pickup. But Joey and I rolled up our sleeves and pumped over 100 balloons and made it work! The obstacles were absolutely worth it. 

I know your version of “The Night We Met” just came out, but do you have plans to do any more collaborations together? 

We absolutely plan on doing more collaborations together. This is just the beginning and we may even have some originals in the works! 😉 

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