Lena Stone Releases New Single “Out of My Hands”

Lena Stone just released her brand new single “Out of My Hands” before her EP drops on April 24th.

“‘Out Of My Hands’ is easily the most personal song on the upcoming Princess EP,” said Stone in a press release announcing the single. “It’s about learning to walk away from someone you never thought you’d have to say goodbye to, and I can tell you from experience just how painful that is.”

Stone has always been more than just a talented vocalist and this song definitely shows off her stellar songwriting abilities. Along with co-writers Trannie Anderson and Jason Duke, Stone delivers a song with powerful lyrics that share a sense of longing and grieving I could definitely relate to while listening.

Overall, “Out of My Hands” is yet another great release from Stone. If this single is any indication of what we can expect from her upcoming EP, us listeners are surely in for a treat.

For more information, make sure you visit Lena’s website and follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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