‘Batwoman’ 1×14 Recap: Sophie makes her choice

After a week off, Batwoman returned with a new episode on Sunday night that focused on the fallout from that kiss and ended by teasing a brand new villain for Gotham.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in episode 1×14, titled “Grinning Ear to Ear”.

Sophie makes her choice

The episode kicks off with both Kate and Sophie being grilled by Luke and Mary respectively about that kiss that happened on the roof a few weeks ago. Mary knows Kate is Batwoman, so she’s stunned to realize Sophie has no idea who Batwoman is. Meanwhile, Luke tells Kate she needs to be careful because this is exactly what got Bruce into trouble when he was Batman. Geez, can you say #complicated?

Later on, Batwoman meets Sophie on her balcony and tells her they should walk away before anyone gets hurt. Sophie’s mother interrupts this moment and as the episode goes on, it is made obvious that Sophie’s mom doesn’t like what Batwoman stands for, particularly because she’s gay. Batwoman makes Sophie realize she needs to figure things out with herself before she can officially be in a relationship with anyone, so she finally comes out to her mom, telling her she’s bisexual. Sophie’s mother is angry and disappointed, leaving Sophie in tears. My heart BROKE for Sophie here; it’s 2020 for goodness sake! Let your daughter be happy with who she is.

A new villain?

The villain of the week is Duela Dent, the niece of Harvey Dent. In 2011, she sliced her face to make a smile, a la the Joker, because she was unhappy with her appearance. Now in the present, she is out for revenge and targeting social media influencers out of jealousy and anger. Quick, someone find Mary STAT! Luke does just that and he and Mary give the Duela the nickname “Slashionista” because of course they do.

Let me cut to the chase: Alice meets up with Duela and realizes they’re both after the game man: Dr. Campbell. He’s the plastic surgeon who worked on Duela. However, Campbell is actually August, the man who held Alice captive all those years ago. Alice stole Duela’s face and kidnaps Campbell/August, demanding to know where Mouse is. August begins to laugh as we see the final scene of Mouse being pumped with Scarecrow’s infamous fear toxin. Oooh! Are we getting a new villain? I’d be SO DOWN to see a Scarecrow villain taking on Kate in Season 2.

Other Thoughts

  • Did anyone else not need that scene of Duela with her face cut off? I could’ve gone the rest of my life without ever seeing that.
  • Jacob is confronted by the lawyer of the man who saved his life in prison. He confronts one of the members of The Crows about it, who says the man killed Lucius Fox in a convenience store. Without any evidence to prove that, Jacob calls Sophie and says he feels The Crows are betraying him.
  • Mary put feelers out to see if Kate wants to tell her about her crime-fighting life but gets nothing in return. It must really hurt Mary to know that Alice knows Kate is Batwoman but not her.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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