‘Good Trouble’ 2×13 recap: Callie and Jamie’s relationship faces a hurdle

GOOD TROUBLE - "Daylight" - Callie and Jamie's relationship is tested when they are on opposite sides of a case. Mariana's job is threatened, and she has to decide how far she'll go to keep it. Malika has a new opportunity that could be jeopardized by her legal issues. Davia faces the unintended consequences of her behavior. Alice balances her friendships with Lindsay and Sumi. This episode of "Good Trouble" airs Wednesday, January 29, at 10:00p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/Christopher Willard) MAIA MITCHELL, BEAU MIRCHOFF

One thing I love about Good Trouble is their deep dive into real issues that everyday people face. Wednesday’s episode did just that as they highlighted the struggles each character dealt with and what they did to (somewhat) resolve them.

Let’s jump into this recap, shall we?


This week’s episode picks right were we left off after Jamie revealed that he is actually representing Onway International, the company which Callie is helping to sue. This, of course, puts them on opposite ends of the case and is, might I add, a MASSIVE conflict of interest.

We see the fallout from that car ride as the two are discussing the issue over dinner and wine. Jamie asks Callie to step back from the case, which is him basically saying “my career is more important than yours” without ever really saying it. I’ve liked Jamie up to this point but his attitude during the entire conversation really pissed me off. Legal Aid asks Callie to help dig up any dirt on Onway International and yes, that includes their legal representation. Uh oh, Jamie!

Callie isn’t dumb, which we’ve known but are reminded of at the end of the episode when she tells Jamie that she’s moving back to Coterie to be with Mariana. There’s one *tiny* problem and that is the space is being used by some brunette named Isabella. I smell a storm brewing!


This week saw Davia still struggling with her track three class. I really like how we’re seeing the lives of these characters outside of relationship drama and The Coterie. Davia is made fun of by her students and Malika for that gumboot fiasco. Things really boiled over when she ends up sending one of her students, Andre, to the principal’s office.

Davia finds out the next day that her decision to send Andre to the principal would have major consequences. He is being put into a diversionary program, which could lead him straight back into juvie. While walking the halls, she sees Andre being shoved into lockers and getting his backpack searched by officers. Clearly feeling bad, she apologizes to him but Andre reminds her that she is the reason that all of this is happening to him.

This is where I really felt for Davia. As a white woman, there’s no way she could understand the challenges blacks face in this country. Earlier, Malika gave her a book to help her better understand but she shoved it into a drawer without even opening it. Following her talk with Andre, she goes home and opens that book. I really hope she learns something.


Over at Speckulate, Mariana is being pulled all sorts of directions. On one side, Evan is trying to regain control of his company and asked Mariana to tank her app launch in last week’s episode.

Mariana essentially tells Evan “HELL TO THE NO” in so many words to his ask of her, saying, “I’m not going to sabotage myself or the women here to save your company so you’re going have to come up with a better plan because we’re not going to pretend to fail for you to succeed.” GO MARIANA!

On the other side, Kendra is still leading an investigation into whoever leaked the salary numbers and Mariana is feeling the pressure to come clean about everything. Raj reminds her that if she does, she’ll be blackballed and likely never get another job in tech again. She comes up with a (really stupid!) plan to admit it but accuse Evan of sexual harassment in the process. Luckily, she goes against this idea and comes clean. She is expecting to be fired, so it throws her for a loop when Kendra says that the board is not firing her and are instead putting her back on her app.

Mariana later realizes that Evan signed off on taking the company public in order to keep Mariana’s job safe. When she goes to confront him about this, he tells her that he “doesn’t want to lose” her. And man, you can cut the sexual tension in this scene with a freaking knife!


Malika learned her fate regarding her arrest after protesting Judge Wilson’s event in this week’s episode. Wilson didn’t press charges but that didn’t stop the LA County attorney from filing felony charges. She was offered a plea deal: she must plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge, a $5,000 fine plus 30 days in jail.

Malika spends the whole episode debating if she should take it, even calling up Callie for advice. Personally, I felt she should take it but we could all tell it wasn’t heading down that path. Upon learning that she wouldn’t be able to participate in activism anymore, Malika decided to go to trial.


Despite her storyline dominating the episode, I left it for last. It’s hard for me to be invested in Alice’s storyline because it just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

This week, she devises a plan to make Sumi stop being interested in Lindsay. She fakes a phone call with her mother to trick Sumi into going to a bar. Once there, Sumi found Alice having drinks with Sumi’s ex-girlfriend/ex-fiancée, Meera. #Awkward. While walking home, the two make some clear boundaries for the exes and Sumi has no idea thatshe just got manipulated by Alice. Oh Sumi.

Episode Notes

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Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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