‘Good Trouble’ 2×11 recap: Unexpected death shatters Callie’s world

Good Trouble made its return to Freeform on Wednesday night and if the 2B premiere is anything to go by, fans are in for one heck of a second half of the show’s sophomore season.

If you remember, we last left off with a bunch of drama. Callie moved out of the Coterie, Malika was protesting Judge Wilson being made a federal judge, and a new person was brought in to investigate Spekulate’s salary leak, which is bad news for Mariana.

Now that I’ve refreshed your memory, let’s jump into this recap of 2×11, titled “Clapback”.


Let’s start off with Callie. Wednesday’s premiere begins with a visibly upset Callie running from a building as shots of a coroner wheeling out a body are shown. As I began thinking who died, I felt like it wouldn’t be a main character because the writers aren’t going to off a major character in the show’s second season. Callie thinks about texting her sister, but Jamie calls her before she does so.

So, who was in the body bag? It was Tate Wilson, Judge Wilson’s son, who died of a drug overdose. This death didn’t have a big impact on me as a viewer since we only Tate saw him a few times but I do feel like this will have a major impact on Judge Wilson moving forward. Particularly because viewers see via a flashback that Wilson and his son had a massive argument in what was likely their last conversation, saying they’re ashamed of each other. I really felt for Wilson here because we’ve all said things we don’t mean but that moment really put into perspective how short life is and that no day is guaranteed.

Callie was with Wilson throughout the entire ordeal, from him finding out about his son’s death to Wilson calling her and giving her the information on a guy who may have intel on the guy who sold the drugs to his son. Callie can never have a good day, can she? You already know this isn’t going to end well.


Things weren’t all that great in the midseason premiere for Mariana either as she is still dealing with the fallout from the investigation into the actions at Speckulate. In their usual roof meeting, Mariana tells the girls they have to all stick together. But I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the girls is going to snitch and it potentially might be Claire.

While in their rooftop meeting, Claire was telling Mariana that she made a decision on the direction to take the app development without consulting Mariana. This did not sit well with her, so she named Raj to be the interim team leader. Evan was absent from the premiere but he seems to not like Raj if the past episodes are anything go by, so I feel like he may have an issue with a guy leading a group of young women. Claire also seems tight with the new head honcho in charge and this all may end up biting Mariana in the ass.


Guys, I REALLY felt for Davia in this episode. Jeff’s ex-wife lashes out on Instagram and her followers pile on Davia, body shaming her and calling her fat. Dennis’ attempt to defend his maybe-more-than-a-friend did not go over well with Davia.

Instead of sulking, Davia gets all dolled up in a montage set to a Lizzo track (who doesn’t love Lizzo?!) and enlists Gael’s help to make a clap back video. She got some really positive feedback on the video but that’s all the happiness as she got in this episode.

In the last scene, she goes to knock on Dennis’ door and Malika answers with a shirtless sleeping Dennis in the background. Davia’s face in this scene SAID. IT. ALL. What the heck happened the night before? I don’t want to say Malika and Dennis slept together, but given Dennis’ history of sleeping with younger women, I can totally see it happening. I just really hope that’s not the case for Davia’s sake. I feel like her losing two friends at this point would send her into a downward spiral.


The only other person who had a tougher time than Davia in Wednesday’s premiere was Malika. She and the rest of the Black Lives Matter protestors were removed after refusing to leave Wilson’s ceremony. Callie and Jamie inform her that by refusing to leave after learning that Judge Wilson was there, she broke Wilson’s restraining order and could potentially face up to 10 years in jail.

To make matters worse, Isaac is upset and disappointed that she missed dinner with his family. He tells her that he always puts her first and she doesn’t do the same for him before he walks out on her. So did they break up? I surely hope not because I love Issac’s character and his relationship with Malika is so good for the show. She and Dennis drink their sorrows away and it may have led to something later in the night. Uh oh…

Episode Notes

  • The other storyline involved Alice’s romantic triangle with Joey and Lindsay. Remember, Lindsay and Alice kissed in the first half of the season and ever since then, Alice has been freaking out about it. I’ve said in past recaps that I really don’t care for this storyline. However, that slightly changed this week when Lindsay invited Alice to open for them in Sacramento, which means they’ll share a hotel room. Alice’s ex Sumi seems really into Lindsay but Alice tells Lindsay that she isn’t available. Uh, is Alice getting feelings for Sumi again?
  • Gael quits his job at Speckulate to focus on his art. YOU GO GAEL!!
  • How good was Jamie in this episode? The more he’s with Callie, the more I love them together. I just feel like they may not stay together in the long run. However, I really hope they do because he’s super supportive and the guy Callie has always needed in her life.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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