3 Questions Following “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Crossover

With the big “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event now a thing of the past, the Arrowverse will never be the same again. Worlds died, worlds were reborn, and Earth-Prime was introduced. Oliver Queen’s fate was sealed with his death and every single hero is planning to honor his memory moving forward.

With all that said, there are A LOT of questions that need to be answered about all of our favorite shows moving forward. Here are three of the biggest ones I have following the big crossover event.

Will new villains arise?

With all of the CW heroes now on the same earth, will new villains come into the fold? The answer may have already been given in part 5 of the crossover. Supergirl went to stop Weather Witch, who we know from The Flash, which is already a hint at villains crossing over into different shows. In fact, one of the funnier moments from the final part was Barry and Kara realizing that they are now on the same earth. I, for one, am pretty stoked at the idea of the heroes going up against some new foes and in will make for an exciting second half to all the Arrowverse shows.

Is Kara and Kate’s friendship the future power duo?

The friendship and bond between Oliver and Barry was a core part of the Arrowverse and these crossovers over the years. They were the leaders and set the tone for a course of action each time. With Oliver now dead, are Kara and Kate about to take on that role?

Batman is not coming to the Arrowverse any time soon, so Kate and Kara are the closest things we’ll get to the Batman and Superman team-up. This was already established early on when Batwoman was first introduced in last year’s crossover and again this year in Part 1 of “Crisis”. With Kate and Kara now on the same earth, there’s a good chance they’ll get together more often and form that bond in time for the next crossover. Two females leading a group of heroes in a brand new multiverse? It’s 2020 and it would be awesome to see that.

How will Jefferson be affected?

After being isolated from the Arrowverse, Black Lightning is finally a part of this new earth. The last time viewers saw Jefferson Pierce in Freeland, the city was under martial law and locking up all metahumans. One of the more intriguing things for me post-crisis is how will Jeff be affected by all of this.

He will see Supergirl and the Flash be praised by their respective cities as heroes while Freeland is trying to stop all metas from existing and taking away their powers. This won’t sit well with Jefferson and I’d bet he is going to be one of the characters going through the most change as a hero and a person in this brand new multiverse.

What changes are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!

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