Review: ‘Good Trouble’ 2×09 “Nochebuena” and 2×10 “A Very Coterie Christmas”

GOOD TROUBLE - "A Very Coterie Christmas" - The Fosters and the Hunters help out with the impromptu volunteer Christmas event. Stef agrees to be a part of Mariana's plan to avoid a major catastrophe, all while Gael and Jazmine deal with a painful family decision. Jamie is eager to ask Callie a very important question. This episode of "Good Trouble" airs December 16 (10:00 p.m. EST/PST) on Freeform. (Freeform/Christopher Willard) DAISY EAGAN, MAIA MITCHELL, SHERRY COLA, ZURI ADELE, SARUNAS JACKSON, TERI POLO, SHERRI SAUM

Freeform/Christopher Willard

*Through the years we all will be together, If the fates allow*

Good Trouble’s two hour holiday special is filled with everything a fan of this world could ever want: holiday fun, heartwarming moments and the entire Adams-Foster family reuniting for the first time since The Fosters went off the air. Yes, you read that right – the entire Adams-Foster family is back together, but more on that in a second.

Without further ado, let’s break down two hours of holiday magic, shall we?

The First Ever Adams-Foster/Hunter Family Holiday Extravaganza

A majority of the holiday special focuses on the Adams-Foster family and seeing them blend with the Hunters for a holiday extravaganza to remember. The kids get all along swimmingly, but Stef and Lena still don’t seem to get along with Jim and Diane, which I honestly can’t blame them for because Jim and Diane are kind of the worst. 

But the thing that I loved the most about the special is that we got spend a little bit of one-on-one time with each member of the Adams-Foster family. It was a lot to cram in in just two hours – especially when you consider the fact that all of the Coterie residents had storylines of their own too – but I’m glad the writers gave us these moments because it’s truly what made this special feel like coming home for the holidays. 

Here’s a little rundown on what everyone is up to:

Brandon: Brandon is still happily married to Eliza and both are still pursuing their individual careers in music; Brandon is getting ready to start a job as an assistant to a TV composer while Eliza has been offered a first chair position with an orchestra in Amsterdam. So for now, they’re going to do long distance. Until a tiny wrench gets thrown in their plans: Eliza might be pregnant! Brandon tells her that he’s willing to give up his assistant job to join her in Amsterdam so that she doesn’t have to go through it alone. In the end, she’s not pregnant but Brandon still chooses to join her in Amsterdam because he loves her and doesn’t want them to be apart. Cue all the *awwwwws*.

Jude: Everything is well in Jude’s world. He took an ethics class this past semester and now can’t stop quoting philosophers. He also starts hooking up with Carter, the third Hunter sibling, after some major flirtation went down between the two of them the last time they saw each other. It seems pretty serious between them at the end of the special but I guess we will have to wait and see what comes of it.

Callie: In classic Callie fashion, she still hasn’t told her moms about quitting her clerkship so now it’s hanging over her head during the holidays. Mariana also finds a ring in Jamie’s underwear drawer while she’s snooping so it looks like Callie could have a rock on her finger by the time the holidays are over. But as it turns out, all Jamie wanted to give her was a pair of earrings and a key to his apartment. Oh and thanks to Malika, Stef and Lena already knew about Callie’s clerkship. And they’re not that upset – a major win in Callie’s book!

Mariana: Mariana is obsessed over making sure she has an Instagram-perfect holiday so that it will force Raj to reach out to her while he’s in India. That also means going all gung-ho on this Christmas festival for families of people who have been incarcerated. So when it gets cancelled, of course she volunteers to host the entire thing at the Coterie. It goes off without a hitch, so much so that she doesn’t even bat an eye when Raj does finally text her. She recites one of the philosopher quotes that Jude had been saying ti Callie: “Be a good person but don’t waste your time proving it.” Looks like she learned one of the true meanings of the holiday after all!

Stef and Lena: Stef has been officially elected to the state assembly of California! This means since she will be spending a lot of time in Sacramento, Stef is going to be taking some time off to join her there. But as it turns out, Stef is hiding something from Lena: she got a position with Amnesty International – in Venezuela. Lena, being the understanding partner that she is, tells Stef to take the position. 

Jesus: Jesus is the only Adams-Foster who’s NOT joining the family for the holiday. He’s off gallivanting around Southeast Asia. They do get to FaceTime him though and he’s got some exciting news: not only has he reunited with Emma, they’re engaged! Yay for love!

Holiday Miracles Do Happen

Jazmin comes over to The Coterie to celebrate Nochebuena with Gael, especially since this will be his first one estranged from the family. However, their holiday plans change when Gael gets a text from their mom letting them know that Abuelo is in the hospital. Jazmin is hesitant to go visit him since they called Gael and not her. But Gael convinces her that Abuelo would want her there by his side.

When they show up to the hospital, their father is not happy. In fact, he storms of the room as Jazmin walks over to Abuelo’s bedside. Gael follows him out and confronts him, but that conversation really goes nowhere. 

Later that night, Jazmin goes and sits with her father in the waiting room. He tells her that he’s never going to stop missing his son Alejandro, but she says that she was never actually Alejandro – she was just trying to be for him and Abuelo. “Maybe you could learn to love your daughter, Jazmin,” she admits hopefully.

Although it looked grim for a while, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN Y’ALL! Not only does Abuelo open his eyes, but he also gets Jazmin and her father to reunite in one of the series’ most touching moments to date. I’m excited to see how this relationship progresses as the season goes on and watch their father learn to love his daughter.

The Coterie is saved!

Alice has a big secret that she’s been keeping from all of the Coterie residents as she’s afraid it will ruin all of their holidays. Apparently, The Coterie’s lease is up, which typically would be no big deal as Alice could just sign an extension. Except Alice is not actually the property manager – a woman named Claudette is. 

Alice goes to see Claudette to try and get her to sign the papers; she agrees to sign but only if she can move back in. Alice runs the idea by the rest of the Coterie – without any context – and they all refuse to have her move back in on the grounds of her being crazy. 

But leave it to Dennis to come in clutch in the end. He uses the money that he got from the sale of his house to pay for the Coterie to renew their lease, despite having considered moving out earlier in the special. “The Coterie saved me,” he tells her as he finishes signing his name on the dotted line.  No, *you* are crying all the tears right now.

Episode Notes:

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Good Trouble season 2B premieres Wednesday, January 15th at 10/9c on Freeform.

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