3 Observations After Night 2 of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about Monday’s episode of Batwoman, part two of the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. 

With Oliver Queen seemingly dead, two heroes went to work to bring him back to life as the Monitor sent the rest of them on a mission to find seven other heroes to build up their team in Monday’s part of the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover.

This episode was tamer than Sunday’s opener and it left me with some thoughts. Here are three thoughts and observations after Monday nights part two of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’.

Kate realizes her destiny

Since this was a Batwoman episode, we’ve got to start with Kate. The Monitor sends all the heroes to find seven Paragons aka seven heroes who can save the multiverse. This takes Kate and Kara to Earth-99 and Gotham City. There, Kate meets up with a very old and bitter Bruce Wayne.

Can we talk about how cool it was to hear Kevin Conroy’s Batman voice in a live-action version on TV? As someone who grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series and played countless Batman video games, I was geeking out during every scene between him and Kate.

Anyway, on this Earth, Batman killed Superman and lives as a hermit who is bitter at the world. He declines Kate’s invitation to help save the multiverse. Instead, he tries to kill Kara but Kate accidentally kills him by electrocution when she steps in to help her friend.

Through this, Kate realizes who she is and what she can become. She vows to never be bitter and angry like her cousin was. She will protect the people of Gotham and I’m interested to see how this will change her as we move in to the second half of Batwoman.

Oliver is coming back

As I said in Sunday’s Night 1 recap, Oliver Queen may be dead but he won’t be for long. This was confirmed in Monday’s hour when Sara, Barry, Mia, and Constantine went to Earth-18 to find the only Lazarus Pit left. And it’s in South Dakota of all places – how odd and random!

Anyway, this is a really bad idea. Like really bad! Oliver is brought back, but is a monster with blood lust. Constantine promised Sara that he would do his best to bring back Oliver’s soul and it looks like we’ll get the answer as to whether he was successful or not tonight in the third hour.

Is Lyla playing both sides?

In the final moments of the hour, Lyla aka Harbinger meets the Anti-Monitor. He tells her that it is time for them to get to work so he can take over and destroy the entire multiverse.

So she’s totally playing him, right? To me, it looks like she’s going to be playing both sides, working with the Anti-Monitor and the Monitor as long as she can. However, something tells me this isn’t going to end well for her.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” continues on The Flash tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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