Rave Reviews Maps Out IMDB’s Best TV Shows Around The World

In the past couple of years, I started branching out and watching more shows from all around the world. I mean, it’s no secret that Elite – which is set and filmed in Spain – is one of my absolute favorite shows. 

So I was overjoyed to see that my friends over at Rave Reviews compiled a list of some of the best tv shows around the world. They used IMDb to find TV shows produced in each country and sorted them by user rating to find the highest-rated shows. In many cases, the shows with the highest ratings had too few votes to constitute a reliable sample, so they sorted the list by number of votes to find the highest-rated show with the highest number of votes.

Here are some of the ones I’m most excited about checking out or have either checked out myself and highly recommend: 

New ZealandThe Almighty Johnsons is a 2011-2013 comic fantasy series about a family of Norse gods living in modern day New Zealand. It was popular enough for viewers to successfully demand a third series after the show was cancelled.

MoroccoMoudawala is a crime reenactment series that creates dramas out of old cases from court archives. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find any episodes of this online, but I think this is such an interesting concept.

South KoreaMiseuteo Syeonsyain (Mr. Sunshine) has broken viewership records at home and been distributed internationally by Netflix. Mr. Sunshine is a period drama about a Korean boy born into slavery in the 1900s, and Korea’s fight for independence.

SpainLa Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is one of my personal favorite shows. It’s a heist crime drama series that strikes a nice balance of action, passion and even comedy. I caught up on all three parts this year and am eagerly awaiting the release part four some time in 2020. 

Costa RicaLa Pensión debuted in 1999, and is still running twenty seasons later. It is a light-hearted comedy about a luxurious boarding house that has fallen on hard times, and the colorful characters that live there.

Are you planning on checking out any of the top rated tv shows from around the world? Let me know which ones in the comments!

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